A Gang of Seven

 Pointing the Way


 Two Movements

 Three Sacraments

 Facets of Vital Engagement

 Vital Engagement:
            Life Blood of Trust

 Steps Towards Trust

 Missed Steps

 Unseen Options  

 Justice in Relationships


The Quest for Justice is a Given, All the Time and Everywhere

  People descend from ancestors imprisoned and persecuted by ruling powers, who set tribe against tribe and committed cultural genocide. These people seek justice.

  Masses of people are bereft of safety zones where suffering can be voiced and restitutions considered. These people seek justice.

People are born to splintered families, razed neighborhoods and communities dispersed by forces amassing power and wealth. These people seek justice.

Embedded ethnic, religious and political biases are passed down from generation to generation. These legacies are festering wounds revisited on young and old who are without hope of redress. These people seek justice.

Listening and receiving begin to restore dignity and hope, and birth reparative actions.


  Meaningful reparations create options for future generations whose parents and grandparents were used, exploited, enslaved and eradicated.

  Those who suffer injustice are served by those who are compelled to atone.

 The Quest for Justice is a Given

Justice Begins at Home

If I Want You to Treat Me Justly...

Know and Be Known