A Gang of Seven

 Pointing the Way


 Two Movements

 Three Sacraments

 Facets of Vital Engagement

 Vital Engagement:
            Life Blood of Trust

 Steps Towards Trust

 Missed Steps

 Unseen Options  

 Justice in Relationships


We want our writing to read like the spoken word: immediate, present and direct.
We want our words to convey our passion.

We want to engage you the way we engage each other.
We lend each other courage.
We want to lend you courage too.

          Healthcare: No Script for Dialogue


       Polly Ann Brown, PhD,

       Austin J Joyce, DMin, MFT,

       Barbara R Krasner, PhD,

       Karen Krasner, MBA, PMP,
       Organizational Consultant

       Russ Parker, MDiv, DDiv,
       Anglican Priest

       Douglas Schoeninger, PhD,

       Ernest Szoke, JD,