A Gang of Seven

 Pointing the Way


 Two Movements

 Three Sacraments

 Facets of Vital Engagement

 Vital Engagement:
            Life Blood of Trust

 Steps Towards Trust

 Missed Steps

 Unseen Options  

 Justice in Relationships


Presence   Directness   Immediacy

Speaking with meaning to the injured order of existence
in which we each have a part

 “Here Am I”

Characterized by focus, intensity and attentiveness to what is happening between you and another. What  matters is the person(s) in front of you and the fragile link between you.

“When Deep Calls to Deep”

Neither understated nor brutal but committed to due consideration, requires courage, respect and fidelity to your own truths and convictions. Directness anticipates risk and reaction, and demands fortitude and endurance.

“This Very Moment”

Happening here, now, cannot be delayed, deferred or repeated. It cannot be duplicated, replicated or reconstructed. This very moment can be a starting place, an end point, a jump-off point or a point of no return. In and of itself, this moment is singular and unique like a snow flake that leaves it mark and melts away. This moment awaits your presence.